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Web-form-buddy multi-license discounts, 'child' accounts and co-branding

Many of our customers have more than one web site, or are web designers with a portfolio of web sites. And so we have set up a generous discount scheme if you need more than one subscription.

Here's how it works:

no of subscriptions %discount
2-4 15%
5-9 30%
10+ 40%

'Child' accounts & co-branding

If you manage multiple web sites, Web-form-buddy makes it easy to look after them all from your "parent" Web-form-buddy account. That's a great time saver - and it also means that you don't have to log in and out to all your accounts with different passwords!

Co-branding is a great feature if you are a web designer as you can "brand" the Web-form-buddy emails that your customer sees with your own domain name. An easy way to gain kudos! For example, when a form is completed, Web-form-buddy sends a notification to the form recipient. By default this will have a footer that says:

Powered by web-form-buddy.com

This footer can be disabled. But when you have child accounts, you can choose to change this footer to the domain of the parent account like this:

Powered by your-domain.com

And that's a nice way to promote your business and keep your name in front of your customer!

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