Web-form-buddyWeb site forms processor

Web-form-buddy is packed with powerful features...

...which means you will save yourself time and gain greater control. With more user-friendly and powerful forms your web site will out-perform the competition.

easy to installNo scripts to install and no software to download

The script that powers your form is installed and running on our server. There is no need to worry about software updates - your script automatically runs the latest version of our software

complete design freedomYou design and host the web page containing your form

Many "remotely hosted" web services restrain you to using preset templates hosted on the remote server. This restricts your design freedom. But with Web-form-buddy you publish the forms in your web pages to your own site in the normal way. This gives you 100% design control. When you change the design of your web page this is detected automatically by Web-form-buddy

no restrictionsMultiple forms

With one Web-form-buddy account you can run and independently configure any number of forms on your web site. You can even have several forms within one page

Form results can be emailed to you or saved for batch processing

If you select the batch processing option, then you can be notified by email as forms are completed and you can log on to our secure server to view the forms' data. There is the option to receive the data in "tab-delimited" format for easy import into spreadsheets and databases

runtime recipientsOption to allow your customer to pick the recipient for the data at runtime

Let's say you have a general inquiry form on your web site. With this option Web-form-buddy can allow your customer to pick one or more recipients from your organization to receive the form data. For example the choice could be "Sales" or "Accounts" or "Support". And of course all this is done without ever including your departmental email addresses in the HTML code of the web page - which protects you from the bad-guy spammers!

Customizable "thank you" message and redirection option

By default Web-form-buddy displays a customizable "thank you" message and resets the form fields once the submission is complete. If you wish you can replace this message with redirection to your own "thank you" page - or you can choose redirection to another page to take place after the built-in "thank you" message

form confirmationOptional data confirmation screen

Web-form-buddy can offer your user the chance to review their form data before finally submitting it with a data confirmation screen. This is especially helpful to users if your form is quite lengthy and complex.

form file uploaderFile uploader option

Once a web form has been completed you can offer your customer the option to send an attachment with the form data. You can set a maximum size for the file you will accept, and you can also choose what types of file can be uploaded. As files are uploaded your customers will see a super-cool upload progress bar with real-time stats showing the percentage uploaded, the upload speed in Kbps, and the estimated time remaining!

captchaProtection against spam form submissions

If you have a web form then sooner or later it will attract the attention of the "bad guys" . They have numerous "bots" searching the web for forms. When they find a form they try to post spam with an automated submission, usually containing numerous links to their web sites. However the combination of Web-form-buddy's powerful "required field" and field validation rules, taken together with the data confirmation screen option and CAPTCHA test, means that any "bot" trying to abuse your forms will come away with a bloody nose! More on how to stop form spam.

secure formsSecure forms option

You can operate 256 bit secure forms (i.e. https://) at no extra cost. No certificate is required for your own server. If you choose this option for a form, then the form results are not sent out by email (which is insecure). Instead you log on to our secure server to view, print or download the form data

payment formsPayment forms

There is built-in support for payment forms with support for Stripe, PayPal, electronic funds transfer, check, money order, payments on account (by purchase order), and cash on delivery (or collection). The payment amount can be either a fixed amount, or a calculated amount, or a user-entered amount

form auto-responderOptional autoresponder for each form

Web-form-buddy can reply to a form submission with an attractive, formatted email autoresponder containing your custom "thank you", or promotional message

The Web-form-buddy "smart button" prevents multiple, identical form submissions
form required fieldsSupport for "required" fields with all types of HTML form object

Often you need to be certain that the user will enter data for the key fields in the form. Web-form-buddy makes it easy for you to create "required" fields. In fact with Web-form-buddy you can do this with all kinds of fields, not just "text" fields:

  • simple and multiple choice lists
  • menus
  • radio buttons
  • check boxes

So for example you could have a menu field like so:

If you set this as a "required" field with Web-form-buddy, the user would be obliged to choose an option other than "--select--" (the default option)

suppress blank fields in formsOptional "blank fields" suppression

In your web form, those fields that are not set as "required fields" may or may not be completed by the web user. You can choose to have these blank fields included in the list of data fields submitted by the form. Or, if you prefer, Web-form-buddy can strip these blank values from the submitted data.

Friendly and kind to users

On many web sites it can drive you nuts when you try to complete a form, especially a complex form. Many's the time you complete and submit the form only to be told that a required field has not been completed. Then to try again you are asked to use your browser's "back" button. When you do, all the data you have entered - text fields, list selections and menu choices, check box choices - has gone and you have to start again! Not so with Web-form-buddy. If required fields are not entered, or the data entered fails validation tests:

  • the user is NOT sent to a different web page
  • a dialogue box appears telling the user exactly what the problem is
  • the problem field is highlighted
  • all the data the user has entered is retained
form field validationAdvanced validation and formatting options
  • text: Text data entry can be filtered in several ways including "normal English", "alphanumeric only", "alphabetical only" and "naming characters". Characters can be automatically set to all lower case, all upper case, or capitalized first letters. Minimum and maximum limits can be set for either characters or words for both single and multi-line text fields
  • email: This validation test ensures that a submitted email address has the correct syntax. It also checks that there is a running mail server available for the email address
  • number: Web-form-buddy can validate and format numbers up to four decimal places
  • date: Dates can be checked and formatted against a date field validation template such as "mm-dd-yyyy"
  • telephone number
Real time information

If you wish, Web-form-buddy can include the user's IP address, the country as calculated from the IP address, and the date and time of form completion with the form data. There are also options for form submission tracking and auditing, such as sequential site submission numbers and form serial numbers.

Integration with Google Analytics

Web-form-buddy can add Google Analytics tracking code to your form submission pages. This is especially useful if you use the "payment forms" option, as you can then track e-commerce data.

Built with the best technology

Web-form-buddy is hosted on dedicated Linux servers running Apache in the U.S. The software is written in Perl and uses the MySQL database. This is all rock-solid, tried and tested, secure, open-source technology.

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