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The Web-form-buddy autoresponder adds a professional touch to your web site

After someone has submitted a form on your web site, Web-form-buddy can automatically send them an attractively formatted, custom email message. This is a nice touch and will impress your web site visitors!

You might want your autoresponder to just say simply "thank you for visiting our web site". But there are lots of other uses for your autoresponder too. Here are just a few examples:

  • You can provide reassurance that the form submission has been received.
  • if you wish, Web-form-buddy can include a copy of the submitted form data in the autoresponse for your customer's reference.
  • You can indicate what to expect if a response is required from you. For example you could indicate your likely response time, or what type of communication you will be sending next.
  • You could send instructions on how to access a special, restricted area of your web site.
  • You could send a discount coupon code.
  • You could send promotional information about your products or services.
How it works

You will need to include a field for your web user's email address in your web form (otherwise Web-form-buddy won't know where to send your autoresponder message!). By using Web-form-buddy's email validation rule on that field you can ensure that a valid email address gets entered (you just switch that on from your control panel).

On your Web-form-buddy control panel you enter the text for your autoresponder message, and you're done!

There are several configuration options available to you.

  • You can choose HTML or plain text style email for the autoresponder. The HTML version is fully configurable giving you full control over colors, styles and fonts. If you choose the HTML email format option, then in accordance with email 'best practice', Web-form-buddy will also embed a plain text version of your autoresponder message. The plain text version can then be used by email software that either does not support HTML or has HTML formatted email disabled.
  • You can decide whether the form data should be included with your autoresponder message (it can either be attached to the beginning or to the end of the message)
  • You can set the text for the email subject line
  • You can decide what the "reply-address" for the autoresponder email should be.

Ensuring deliverability...

Email accounts are often so highly protected by hyper-sensitive spam filters that it can be difficult to get legitimate email delivered reliably. As your web form autoresponder message may well play an important part in your business - you don't want its effectiveness compromised through never getting read! For this reason we work hard at Web-form-buddy to ensure that our email delivery success rate is as high as possible. Amongst other things we make sure that our mail server has a valid reverse DNS entry, we use a strict SPF "Sender Policy Framework" record, and Web-form-buddy also configures your autoresponder message so that the "to", "from" and "reply-to" email addresses are properly formatted in a non-spammy way.

& ensuring consistent results...

These days there are many different options available for reading email. There are the traditional desktop applications such as Microsoft Outlook, Apple Mail, Thunderbird, and Lotus Notes. Then there's email 'in the cloud' accessed via a browser - Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo Mail and so on. And of course it's getting more and more common to read email on the move using mobile applications such as BlackBerry, Android, and the iPhone.

Unfortunately not all of these email clients support the latest and best features of modern web page design - for example CSS layout without tables and Javascript. But you'll be pleased to know that we have created and tested Web-form-buddy's configurable HTML email auto-responder to work consistently with all of these different ways of reading email!

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