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Form submission tracking and auditing

The forms on your web site are the primary channel of communication between you and your customers. For that reason it is vital that you have a simple and effective method to track and manage form submissions. That way you can be sure that all enquiries are properly dealt with - especially if you have a busy web site with a number of different forms!

Web-form-buddy provides all the tools you will ever need to get this done. You get three system-generated and fully configurable identifiers that allow you to thoroughly audit your form activity:

  1. Each form has a unique numerical form ID number. For example "46932675" might be the ID for your web site's "contact us" form.
  2. Web-form-buddy can generate a sequential number for each submission from that form. So, for example, the twelfth submission will be "46932675-12"
  3. Finally, Web-form-buddy can track each submission from your site with a sequential site submission number. So, for example, let's say you have four forms on your web site, and that to date you have had a total of 3000 form submissions from all these forms. So the next, twelfth, form submission from form "46932675" would be identified like this: #3001/46932675-12.

You can enable and disable these options in different ways:

  • Site submission tracking plus per-form serialization e.g. "Web site form submission #3001/46932675-12"
  • Per-form serialization only e.g. "Web site form submission #46932675-12"
  • Site submission tracking only e.g. "Web site form submission #3001"
  • None - all serialization disabled

You can also set and reset the site submission number and the form serial number from your Web-form-buddy control panel at any time.

Getting the site submission number and the form serial number as 'data'

It may be that all you need for keeping track of your form submissions is to see the submission and form number in the header part of your notification email. Like this for example:

Web site form submission #4876/8255801-1214
From: http://www.smallgreentree.net/example.html

But there is also the option to have these numbers included as part of the data set submitted by the form (in the same way that Web-form-buddy can be configured to include other types of "real-time" data such as your customer's IP address and the date and time of the form submission).

Web site form submission #4876/8255801-1214
From: http://www.smallgreentree.net/example.html

name ~ Barbara
email ~ barbara@somedomainmail.com
IP address ~
Submission date ~ 10-27-2010 10:08:34
Form ID ~ 8255801
Submission no. ~ 4876
Serial no. ~ 1214

As with all Web-form-buddy data, you can choose to receive this data in either an HTML formatted email, a plain text email, or in tab-delimited format for importing into a spreadsheet or database.

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