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Web-form-buddy works with ANY language!

The reason it is so easy to create forms in your own language is due to Web-form-buddy's unique separation of function (programming) and content (web design). Web-form-buddy leaves you free to create your web pages and your forms in your own language and on your own web site. Web-form-buddy's unique technology then takes care of making those forms work the way you want them to. You don't need to do any programming yourself and you don't need to install any software or scripts on your server.

What about Web-form-buddy's system prompts and messages?

Web-form-buddy provides your customers - your web site users - with a very professional and smooth experience when they use your web forms. To achieve this, Web-form-buddy needs to interact with your users as they work with your forms. For example your customers may be assisted from time to time with prompts such as "Please complete this field", or "The email address you have entered is not valid", and so forth.

With Web-form-buddy you can configure all these prompts in your own language. This means that Web-form-buddy can provide a complete service in the language of your web site.

My language has characters that do not appear in English. Can I use those?

Yes! Web-form-buddy uses UTF-8 encoding, which means that all the characters from any language are supported - including, for example, Chinese, Russian, Japanese, and Arabic!

Do I need to know English to use Web-form-buddy?

Although everything that your customers see and interact with is 100% in your own language, your control panel is in English. You use your Web-form-buddy control panel to manage how your forms work. For example, you can switch on or off the file uploads feature, configure an auto-responder (the message can be in your own language of course!), set "required" fields and field validation rules, and so on. So, as the webmaster for your site, you will need some ability with English. Also, all support is handled in English.

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