Web-form-buddyWeb site forms processor

Now it's easy to accept payments with your website forms!

Sometimes it's essential to collect a payment from a web site visitor after he or she has completed your web form.Some examples would be:

  • an order form for a product
  • a donation form
  • a conference registration form
  • a ticket order form
  • subscription payment
  • payments 'on account'

With Web-form-buddy these kinds of form are easy as there is built-in integration for a number of payment methods:

  • Stripe (No setup fee or cancellation fee, and low transaction fees. You can sign up easily and quickly here)
  • PayPal (No setup fee or cancellation fee. You can sign up easily and quickly here)
  • Electronic funds transfer
  • Check
  • Money order
  • Payments on account
  • Payment on delivery (COD) or on collection

With each of these options Web-form-buddy takes care of the job of obtaining payment information from your customer once the form is completed.

In every case the payment process is handled securely (via encrypted 256 bit SSL "secure socket layers" technology). Credit card processing is handled by Stripe or by PayPal.

There are three ways that you can set the price that is to be paid once the form is completed:

Simple mode

You tell Web-form-buddy that there is a fixed price to be paid on successful completion of the form.

Calculation mode

Web-form-buddy totals up the price to be paid from the selections your customer makes on your form. If you wish you can set a minimum payment amount.

Free entry mode

This allows your customer to enter the amount they would like to pay (for example to settle bills on an account, or to make a donation). As with the previous option, you can if you wish set a minimum payment amount.

Web-form-buddy automatically presents a payment confirmation page to your customer, and sends an email receipt on your behalf (which you can configure through the control panel).

As with other forms, you can choose to finish up with the configurable form-completed message, and/or redirect your customer to another page on your web site once the whole process is complete.


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