Web-form-buddyWeb site forms processor

Fantastic features for just a few dollars a month!

Web-form-buddy costs just $49.95 for an annual subscription.

There is a free 14 day trial - which is the full working program with no restrictions whatsoever.

Web-form-buddy works with, and is licensed to a single domain name. You are able to configure and run as many forms as you like with your web site and we do not restrict you or charge you for the number of form submissions.

If you have multiple web sites or you are a web designer, we have a generous discount scheme as well as features to make your life easy and promote your business!

The service does not carry any advertising or promotional content. By default, the form emails are "branded" with a statement "powered by web-form-buddy", but this can be simply disabled from your control panel if you wish. If you are a web designer managing multiple web sites you are able to add your own brand statement..

You will never be charged for "updates". You will always have automatic access to the latest version.

All support is free. We do not offer the kind of two-tiered support service where only paid support gets priority.

~ Get started with Web-form-buddy today - take the free 14 day trial! ~