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Shane, Alberta Pardons Inc. CanadaWeb-form-buddy has consistently delivered 100% secure forms for a very reasonable price. We have been with this company since 2005 and have no reason to go anywhere else! Thank you Web-form-buddy!
Kevin H, Thrive Arts Center USAOur customers enter online orders using forms that we build to work with Webformbuddy. We've used Webformbuddy for several years and intend to stay with it for the foreseeable future. Webformbuddy simplifies our field-level data validation, provides great options for customer user workflow (e.g., after hitting the submit button), e-mails us when new data has arrived, and securely stores the form input data for us until we retrieve it. it's very easy to use, especially after creating the first form or two. And the Webformbuddy service is always up and running, even if my site isn't. I love that I can focus on the appearance and functionality of my forms without having to deal with all the "blocking and tackling" that Webformbuddy does so well! bravo!
Suzanne M, Pacific Coast Building Products USAAlthough I'm the webmaster for multiple companies, I'm not well versed in forms, so I was thrilled when I found web form buddy. Not only is it easy to implement, but the support that I have received when I needed it is outstanding and quick. I highly recommend web form buddy as a simple way to implement captcha and manage multiple forms on multiple sites with ease
Liz H, Simple Sites Web Design CanadaAs a professional web designer I was looking for a simple solution for handling secured forms. I am so pleased that I found web form buddy! My own website uses it and I have a number of "child" accounts which makes the billing very simple. I really like the way the forms can be so easily configured. Everything I wanted was available in such an easy format. When I had questions, I emailed and was answered in very short order. I am very impressed and my customers are extremely happy
James L, Light Foot Strategies USAI was looking for a secure way to have customers and potential customers respond on my website. Tired of the web crawlers and other automated software filling up my inbox with trash. Web-form-buddy was the answer. It is easy to use, once setup it works silently in the background and has many options as well. Also found their support to be excellent. Quick responses and clear answers. You won't regret giving it a try and the first 14 days are free
Andrew H, Dom The Farrier UKWeb form buddy and Web store buddy really are my best friends when it comes to serving my clients needs, these forms never let you down! The reliability is key to maintaining that level of trust your clients depend on for their business to function in an orderly fashion. The ease and effectiveness of these buddy forms saves me enormous time as a web designer knowing i can rely on the forms to work as they should. Whenever I have any questions on how to work with these forms the support team are on hand instantly. Thank you to the web buddy team for an invaluable service really excellent service.
Michael C, Careprecise Technology USAWe've used web form buddy to control web form spam and related abuses since 2007, and have specified it in web development projects for our clients -- more than a dozen of whom have become web form buddy customers too. We've used the basic form features, as well as the uploader features, which have reduced our in-house development costs. We've found wfb to be an effective and flexible tool, delivering uninterrupted service and capable support
Dr Stuart C, Head2foot USAWeb-form-buddy allows our office to send us credit card information for offline processing through our normal processor at my bank. This allows us to take orders without setting up a shopping cart, to accept payments for missed appointments and to accept pre-payment for visits and gift certificates. All of this at a very reasonable cost or the need for making changes to our website server. This service is a bargain, the forms look great and match the color scheme of my website. When I did need help, richard was on top of things and answered my questions promptly. Having used other form software before (that did require installation), this is the easy way to go. I'd rather focus on my natural healthcare practice than on having to be a geek or hire one! thank you
Claudine G, Yungaburra - Atherton Tablelands Self Contained Holiday Accommodation AustraliaI like everything about web-form-buddy. It works perfectly and I really appreciated the help given at setting up the form for my website. I am an amateur webmaster and had many questions which were answered promptly. I recommend web-form-buddy to anyone who needs a book-online facility. The form can be designed to suit by the owner of the website. It is a great asset both for the owner and the guests. Well done and thanks!
Tracey, American Corporate Enterprises, inc USAThis program is so easy to use and it was a great, low cost addition to our web site. We are looking forward to continuing to add new forms to our site
Gary G, Dockside DSR Radio USAWe've been using the web-form-buddy service since 2006. Web-form-buddy is a trouble-free service that has enabled 594+ of our customers to submit web-based form using our frontpage-authored website. Web-form-buddy is a great service at what we think is a reasonable price!
Baker D, Lydbury English Centre UKWe are a small residential language centre and need to be able to take card payments locally for incidental student charges; but we also need to be able to take the occasional payment over the internet. We have been looking for a secure solution for some time but have always come across the problem that, even if the form is secure, the email sending the information to us is not. Web-form-buddy has solved that problem for us in an easy to setup and most cost effective way. I cannot say how grateful I am to have found Web-form-buddy and I would recommend it heartily to anyone in a similar position. Great product at a great price!
Peter F, H G Publishing Services CanadaWeb-form-buddy has tremendously improved my essay editing business by allowing clients to upload their essays directly. It has also cut down on spam because robots can no longer pick up my email addresses off my website
John S, Child Friendly Hotel UKWe adopted web form buddy for the validation, capture, encryption , storage and retrieval of our booking form data when we created our first web site in 2002. This tool has served our purpose since. The team at small green tree are always prepared to listen to ideas and help with problems
Wes, 1st Choice E-commerce USAAs a website developer I had a small hotel client looking for a safe way to accept credit card form submissions without having to actually charge the credit card. They just want to collect the credit card information to secure the reservation... once the visitor showed up at the hotel they would process the credit card payment off-line. We were able to find full-fledged reservation systems for online payment and availability tracking. However all of these solutions were far too overblown for what we needed. This is a nice tool to add to my web developer toolbox.
Ryan W, VisualRush Website & Design Solutions USASince I discovered web-form-buddy, I have been able to create for many of my web design clients useful, feature-rich website applications at greatly reduced costs. Included features that in the past would have required custom programming such as file upload, secure form processing, and even multiple recipients are just a click away in the control panel. This has helped them in turn generate leads, solve problems, and communicate more efficiently with their customers. The customer service is great, the price is right, and the co-branding feature even helps me to present a unified front... with more features being added all the time, this web application is phenomenal. Thanks to everyone at web-form-buddy for the great app!
Karen H, Musical Designs USAUsing Web-form-buddy to design and configure my web forms is one of the easiest things I've ever done! during my 14-day free trial, I realized that this product delivers exactly what it promises, and I was convinced. Everything is very intuitive and set up to be user-friendly, so kudos to the good folks at Web-form-buddy!
Al, Book Marketing Profits USAAfter trying a number of other form processor programs with little or no success, I decided to give web buddy a try. It is an easy learn and you can make good looking responsive forms in no time at all. Web buddy gives you all the tools you need to not only collect new customer names, but also to collect payment for your goods and services, and much more. It gives your web site professional forms at a reasonable price
Sarkis S, Floors We Do USAI'm so glad I found web-form-buddy. I wanted to have this form on my site but I could not afford it. When I found web form buddy I knew we were going to do business. Thank you.
John D, JD Photo-Tools UKA great tool - very easy to configure but powerful enough to run all of our orders forms and secure payments - and with a great backup support just in case we need it. Thanks very much!

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