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Now it's easy to setup forms that allow your web user to upload files or add file attachments

If someone needs to send you a file (or several files) such as a Word document, a PDF document, a graphic, a photograph, etc. how are they going to do that from your web site?

Well one way is to send you the file in an email - but for that they need to know your email address. And like most savvy people you probably don't want to publish your email address on your web site just so that those bad-guy spammers can get hold of it!

Also, you may be looking to get some structured information as well as the file. You probably want the person's name, maybe their address, telephone number and so on. if someone just sends you an email how are you to ensure they send you exactly the information you want?

Yet again, you will probably want to be sure that you receive the right type of file, and you may wish to set a limit on the file size. For example if you need people to send you a document of some kind, perhaps you require that document to be in Adobe PDF format, and not in say, Microsoft Word format (and vice versa). Also, you may need more than one file to form a complete package.

What if the file contains sensitive, private, confidential information? In that case you need to be able to handle the file upload over a secure, encrypted connection (SSL).

Finally, after the form is completed and the file attachment is uploaded, you may need your user to make a payment - perhaps by Stripe or PayPal, or some other payment method.

The Web-form-buddy file uploads feature makes it easy to do all these things and more.

You just create the web form in exactly the same way as you create any other type of form with Web-form-buddy. Then from your Web-form-buddy control panel you tick the file upload option, choose which types of files you wish to accept - and you're done! It's as simple as that.

  • No software to install on your server
  • No special code to add to your web pages
  • You can limit the file types you will accept (e.g. .DOC, .ZIP, .GIF, .JPG etc etc)
  • You can make the file upload feature required or optional. You can set a minimum number and a maximum number for the files that are to be uploaded
  • You can set a limit on the maximum size of any one file and also for the size of the file upload batch in total.
  • There is a cool progress bar with real-time stats (including the file size, the percentage completed, the upload speed, and the estimated time remaining).
  • The color and style of the progress bar is fully configurable.

Of course you can also combine this with the other Web-form-buddy features to create some truly sophisticated applications! Such as:

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