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Discover how to connect your website forms to a powerful form processor...

Have you noticed that many beautifully designed web sites let themselves down as soon as you start pushing the submit buttons on the web site's forms? It seems that even expert webmasters find it difficult and time-consuming to get their website forms working properly. In fact getting a website form to work at all is hard enough. But getting web forms to function in a professional and robust manner that will be a credit to your web site - isn't that a job for an expert programmer?

Not any more!

Now with Web-form-buddy you can get fully-featured website forms working in a couple of minutes. As long as you have the ability to create web pages and publish those pages to your web site you're ready to go.

  • no scripts to install and configure on your server
  • no complex, fiddly JavaScript to add to your web pages
  • no "hidden fields" to laboriously add to web forms
  • no additional "error pages" and "thank you" pages to design and link in to your site

With Web-form-buddy you will have all the functionality you need to provide your visitors with a powerful and positive experience. This is because Web-form-buddy includes a built in help system that guides the user to complete the form correctly. An incorrect field entry is automatically highlighted to help the user, and a popup message informs the user of the problem.

We have customers using Web-form-buddy all around the world. And not just English-speaking countries! Web-form-buddy powers forms on web sites in China, Japan, Malaysia, Taiwan, as well as in Europe - France, Germany, Spain, The Netherlands and Sweden! Find out more about supported languages.

Furthermore, as the web site owner, you will benefit from receiving quality, formatted data from your website forms. Once you have signed up with Web-form-buddy you can use your point and click control panel to control the behavior of your forms.

required fieldsYou can easily set fields in a website form as "required"

This includes support for all kinds of HTML form objects including drop down lists, multiple choice lists, radio buttons and even check boxes!

validation rulesYou can set validation rules for fields
  • test for a valid email address (including whether the email server in the address is contactable)
  • test for letters only or test for numbers only in a field
  • validate and format fields as a date
  • test for a valid telephone number
  • apply formatting rules to the fields (e.g. all upper case, all lower case, set a certain number of decimal places for numbers)
  • set minimum and maximum characters (or words) for "text" and "text area" input boxes
auto-responderYou can enable an email autoresponder for your form

The autoresponder sends the person submitting the form an attractive HTML formatted email with a message of your choice. You can optionally include the user's submitted data in the autoresponse message

secure web formsYou can set the form to operate in secure mode

Web-form-buddy's secure mode is ideal for collecting confidential and sensitive information and will give your users confidence in your site. With a secure web form the submitted data is sent over a protected data channel. This is called TLS - "transport layer security", the modern successor to SSL. With TLS your web user will see a padlock symbol in their browser. The form results are then encrypted and stored on our server. Web-form-buddy automatically notifies you by email that some new data has been submitted and you are able to log on to a secure portal to view, print or export the data that has been submitted from your web form.

file uploadsAdd a file upload feature to your forms

Sometimes you may need your web users to upload a file or attachment with your web form. And with Web-form-buddy you can add this option without the need for any extra web page code or programming!

redirectionOptional "thank you" page redirection

You can optionally redirect users to another page after the form is completed (or you can use the built in "thank you" response)

data confirmationOptional data confirmation screen

This is especially useful if your form is quite complex! The person completing the form is given a chance to check their data with a "confirm" or "edit data" button

captcha testOptional "CAPTCHA" tests to prevent automated form submissions

Web-form-buddy offers not just one, but three different types of "CAPTCHA" tests (including Google's new "I am not a robot" Invisible reCAPTCHA). Should you ever suffer from pesky spam "bots" abusing your forms, these CAPTCHA tests will just stop 'em in their tracks!

payment formsEasily create payment forms

Web-form-buddy has built-in integration for forms with Stripe and PayPal. You can also hook your forms up to a number of easy-to-use secure payment modules - check, money order, electronic funds transfer, payments-on-account, and even payment on delivery (or collection).

real time dataYou can obtain "real time" data about the form submission

Examples of real time data are the user's IP address, the country calculated from the IP address, the data and time of the form submission, and information that can help you with form submission auditing and tracking such as the form's sequential serial number.

Get data by email or by secure web interface

You can choose whether to receive the form data by email, or in batch mode from your secure, private control panel. The form data is even available in "tab-delimited" format so that it can easily be imported into a spreadsheet or database.

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